Men & haircuts. (What you need to know)

“With a good haircut you don’t need to worry about the shape of your head.”

You’ve not known what stress means until you come across a woman who’s about to get her hair done. She’ll keep on flipping through tonnes of magazines looking for nothing else but a style. I was even surprised to find out that they start researching for a style two weeks before having their hair done. This fact left me wondering, is it really such a big deal?



341a62ad41ca9c4c69592cd14446b086The answer is YES!!!! And a big one!! You see, one’s hair is like a preface. It gives you a glimpse of what the inside looks like. It’s a private part that isn’t really private. And women understand this fact, even though theirs is more of a competition thing. That’s why most people spend their whole lives hiding it in caps. I mean, If you were to look at my hair and find it’s full of dandruff, what conclusion would you arrive at?

b767a0b3e636422b69e5d28df3dcc77dSo this brings us to the question, do men also go through this stress with their haircuts? Are they also as sensitive as women are about their hair? And are there hidden facts about men’s haircuts?

Haircut is the most important aspect of any man’s grooming. It curves out his physical complexion in 3D. And they know it. If you are in doubt go ask any barber, he will describe everything to you in diagrams.

40a394f384684edb65c1beb184c9b37fMen just like women, are also very sensitive and specific about any detail that pertains to their hair. Unlike women though, their stress is only limited to whether or not the barber will get that style exactly how he wants it or how his girlfriend likes it. You heard me, how his girlfriend likes it. You’ll be surprised at how crucial a role women play when it comes to which style a man will have on his head. That however is not a topic for today.

359367f54db5ac7aa7831f980453e84eMen usually have one or two specific haircuts that they go with. This helps with managing stress that he has to go through.
And I’m talking about serious Men, those that have undergone a series of different haircuts until they have narrowed down to two or three styles that best fits them. Not this boys who give the barber a hard time trying to curve a style that does not and will never match their crooked heads, no offense. I’m sure you’ve seen such people. And poor barber if he doesn’t get the style right.

“Don’t rush, take your time, to make sure that haircut counts.”

Every man will tell you that he knows his hair style is messed up or not right from the first stroke the barber puts on his head. And no man likes it when a barber he has visited several times asks him how he should shave him. That’s an instant warning sign that things are likely to go south.

Haircuts and hair styles give a man a certain edge. They ensure that he carries with him a commanding aura. You can tell a man likes his haircut simply by watching his body language.

A good haircut gives you a different walking style, puts a mischievous smile on your face, and ensures that your body posture is steady and confident.

IMG-20170413-WA0015It is also part a parcel of your dress code. It complements it. Putting a final fine touch that communicates your masculinity. Some people even go as far as having a different haircut for every outfit. Which I would not advice, unless you are very sure and you have a trustworthy barber. Most of these barbers are simply out to make a living, they have no consideration for your style whatsoever. The only style they are aware of is “Jordan.” But again, who doesn’t. Even a blind man can pull that style off.

There are however several factors to consider before arriving at one or two haircuts. Some of these factors are social, physical and even financial. Keep it locked to find out. It’s quite interesting.

“Clean cut that is both simple and trendy.”

Till next time, I leave you with this saying, “ a good barber is one that you only tell once how you would like to be shaved and he gets it.”


Author: Fashion Psycology

What can I say about me? Well I am that guy who loves fashion, therefore I monitor everything and anything revolving around current trends and critique. I would love to model for any designer who wishes to work with me. I love GOD! haha! I know that sound silly since, you know, who doesn't!! Lastly I am a marketer by profession. Thank you for stopping by to find out a little about me.

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