Why you should allow her to dress you.

“If she tells you to remove it, listen to her.”

Any woman will agree with me that they like it when their men dress in a particular way. And even better when she’s the one who has recommended that outfit.

I will tell you a short story. Two years ago I was dating this girl, she knew very little about fashion, but had everything to say about the same, female news anchors suffered the most. She would go, “what is this woman wearing!!! My goodness!!! She would have chosen a yellow top to match her yellow shoes!!! Who dresses these women, jeeezz!!!”

All I did was listen, never thought I would be a victim one day. And it wasn’t long. It was on a Christmas eve, it’s still very vivid in my head. We were to go meet her lady friends, she wanted to introduce me to them. So I showed and dressed. And believe me I nailed it, or rather that’s what I thought, because clearly she had other ideas. She was waiting in the living room. “What do you think?” I asked. The only response I got was silence. Then when she finally spoke, this is what she said, “are you sure that’s what you want to wear!!
Trust me from the way it was asked, I knew the question was purely rhetorical!! I went back and changed, the rest as they say is history.

“Smart casual allows you to catch up on news without looking too serious.”

I know some men are already silently if not loudly condemning me as being weak, but they are sailing the same boat. This is what I will say, the next time your lady looks at your outfit with a certain eye, or asks a question, or takes time before she comments about what you are wearing, act with immediate effect. It’s a red SIGN!!!

Why is it a red SIGN though? This is because women have a very sensitive instinct, they can smell that you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, and no woman wants to walk with a man who’s not comfortable with himself. Because when you are comfortable, you are confident. And women worship a confident man.

Women also understand you better, more than you understand yourself actually. They know what’s best for you but because you want to be the man, make all the decisions, especially those that concern you, you choose to remain rigid, thinking that she wants to change you, yet in reality she’s after your own interest.

So if you want to understand your personality better, listen to your woman, because most women fall in love with your personality which is who you are. See also https://akubrafashion.wordpress.com/2017/03/28/if-it-feels-good-wear-it

Till next time I hope you enjoy this article.
As one fashion designer likes to put it, “Your body speaks, what you wear communicates”

“A comfortable man oozes confidence and women adore a confident man”

Author: Fashion Psycology

What can I say about me? Well I am that guy who loves fashion, therefore I monitor everything and anything revolving around current trends and critique. I would love to model for any designer who wishes to work with me. I love GOD! haha! I know that sound silly since, you know, who doesn't!! Lastly I am a marketer by profession. Thank you for stopping by to find out a little about me.

10 thoughts on “Why you should allow her to dress you.”

  1. I suppose it depends with the guy too. Some are well versed on what makes them tick irregardless of the occassion, while others have the fashion sense of a lamp stand. If your case is the former then a little help now and then wont hurt.

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    1. Men tend to doubt what they are wearing when they are to accompany a woman.Dressing is supposed to change and alternate according to occasion, theme, time, function n so on. This information sometimes is to much even the experienced of men. Advice no matter how good he is with fashion, always take a look at him first.


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