if it feels good, wear it!!!



ย Have you ever bought someone an outfit which theyย  never wore? If your answer is yes, don’t you worry, you are not alone. I have been through that myself more times than you can imagine.

But do you know why this happened? well, according to lead fashion designers like, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and Donna Karan, it has nothing to do with the outfit you bought but everything to do with personality!!!

Everyone has a personality, and according to wiki, Personality is a set of individual differences that are affected by the development of an individual: values, attitudes, personal memories, social relationships, habits, and skill. cloths are supposed to communicate either or all of these attributes

That’s why understanding this information is very crucial towards ensuring that someone will like whatever he/she wears. Believe me, all that cloths do is communicate! communicate! communicate!

Off coarse, that which they communicate can either be positive of embarrassingly negative, and nobody wants the latter.

Anyway lemme cut this story shot. This is my first post and I don’t want to say much, however there is so much that I have to tell you about getting it right! Trust me, there is a lot more to understand before you can get kudos! for every outfit you put on. But for now lets just say, if it feels good, wear it!!

akubra fashion one
Confidence is key for every man that intends to be a winner.

Outfit is a simple chinese collar t-shirt, slimfit jeans, and official brown leather shoesย  Accessories: A watch, Akubra hat, and light brown sun glasses.

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Author: Fashion Psycology

What can I say about me? Well I am that guy who loves fashion, therefore I monitor everything and anything revolving around current trends and critique. I would love to model for any designer who wishes to work with me. I love GOD! haha! I know that sound silly since, you know, who doesn't!! Lastly I am a marketer by profession. Thank you for stopping by to find out a little about me.

16 thoughts on “if it feels good, wear it!!!”

    1. chinese colar has along history in the fashion industry. It has been used byfamous world leaders to represent peace and power. However the general public have been researved to wear it. i encourage guys to try it out. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!


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